Camp Carp ’07

Yep, there’s a Carp. Nope, it’s not listed on
The Sign Shop, led by the illustrious and resourceful Hormel, has led the charge, nailed down the location of the Carp box and we’re awaiting the arrival of the Carp van in the next day or so. Rumor has it that it’s already here awaiting delivery from the depot. Mel is in regular consultation with Russ and all is well.

So, where are we located? Right on the corner of 3:30 and Esplanade (a la 2005?) but Deep Carp extends between Arctic and Boreal. Holy carp, are there really that many people on the way? Death Guild is at 3:45-ish and I suppose that puts Cowboys at 4:00.

Here’s a little map of Carp, Deep Carp and where I’ve parked my RV (note that the imagery on Google Maps is from ’06):,-119.218124&spn=0.002397,0.004742&z=18

One word of heads up: it’s dusty so far. We were in a near constant whiteout from 8am until around 5:30pm today. *whew*  Here’s hoping the wind is calmed down tomorrow.

Headed for Trego…