Changing the shortname in Leopard 10.5

  1. /Applications/Utilities/Directory Utility
  2. Edit>Enable Root User
  3. Log out of current user
  4. Login window shows “Other…”
  5. User: root, Password: <password>
  6. Go to /Users/<username> and rename the home directory to the desired shortname.
  7. System Preferences>Accounts
  8. Choose account in left column and control+click the account. An option window will pop-up labeled “Advanced Options…”. Click on this.
  9. A new drop down window will appear. You may type in the new desired Short Name. You must also rename the Home Directory path.
  10. Click OK and log out from the root user.
  11. Login with the new short name.
  12. /Applications/Utilities/Directory Utility and Edit>Disable Root User