Dreamforce, again


Will I ever commit myself to implementing this fantastic product for The Crucible? It is so incredibly inspiring to see what nonprofits big and small are doing to improve their effectiveness by using great tools offered up for free or nearly free by large corporations that just seem to GET IT.

I feel that I should dedicate myself to ONE WEEK of intensive study and create a plan for improving The Crucible’s data management and quit waiting for someone over there to step up to the plate. I was at a presentation today where one woman, a graphic artist, has completely moved her tiny operation to Salesforce, supplemented by three other API apps and is now doing the work of entire teams of people because of the leveraged power of these tools.

Show, don’t tell.

Fixing a broken Quicktime plugin installation

At some point, I stopped being able to see Quicktime content on webpages viewed with Safari.

QuickTime Plug-In is broken

QuickTime Plug-In is broken



Apple’s Quicktime Troubleshooting page solves this by simply having us download and reinstall Quicktime. Except that yielded no improvement of my particular situation. When I looked into the HD/Library/Internet Plug-In directory I saw the new QuickTime PLugin.plugin that I had just installed as well as QuickTime Plugin.weblugin that was part of the old Webkit and had a date of 2004.

Internet Plug-Ins

Internet Plug-Ins directory contents

So my next step was to simply quit Safari, remove the older extraneous QuickTime Plugin.webplugin and restart Safari. Upon revisiting the QuickTime Troubleshooting page I was rewarded with this confirmation:

QuickTime Plug-In fixed

QuickTime Plug-In fixed

All’s well that ends well. Thanks to this MacWorld thread:


OS X laptop deployment with puppet

Nice. The MacWorld IT conference has been pretty lame so far but, finally, here’s a useful topic and an excellent presentation.http://code.google.com/p/puppet-mw08/Hoping I can use this at The Crucible to improve the way we deploy software on all of our machines, especially on the few laptops. Primarily for improving configuration deployments and, I think, maintaining a backup that can be used to quickly repair/replace a bad machine.Looks like the time is coming for me to dip my toe into Ruby. Just learned that Ruby on Rails is part of the Xcode 3/Leopard deployment.

Changing the shortname in Leopard 10.5

  1. /Applications/Utilities/Directory Utility
  2. Edit>Enable Root User
  3. Log out of current user
  4. Login window shows “Other…”
  5. User: root, Password: <password>
  6. Go to /Users/<username> and rename the home directory to the desired shortname.
  7. System Preferences>Accounts
  8. Choose account in left column and control+click the account. An option window will pop-up labeled “Advanced Options…”. Click on this.
  9. A new drop down window will appear. You may type in the new desired Short Name. You must also rename the Home Directory path.
  10. Click OK and log out from the root user.
  11. Login with the new short name.
  12. /Applications/Utilities/Directory Utility and Edit>Disable Root User

Google Maps StreetView demo

John Hanke demo’d the new Google Street View functionality of Google Maps. Streets have been driven with vehicles with panoramic HD cameras creating a seamless and zommable view of any location along a route. Routes with available imagery are indicated as blue lines and are exposed by clicking the new Street View tab in Google Maps.

Google Maps StreetView demo